RoadSwap turns road stops into a swap bazaar. Buy, Sell, and Swap with Truckers, Rvers, Travelers, and local people at Truck Stops, RV Parks, Rest Stops, or any public gathering place.
Need a part for your rig? Put up a wanted ad and buy it off a fellow trucker. Need tickets for Disneyland? Buy them at half price along your route from fellow travelers. Want to swap something you no longer need? Put it up on RoadSwap . 
No fees, No Membership, Totally Free!


How Does It Work?

Items you list in RoadSwap get tagged with your mobile GPS. As your location changes, so does your item location. Wherever you go, your listed items will always be available to other drivers near you.

Track Out-Of-Area Items

What if you did a search and saw something for sale or trade that you must have but was out of your area? With RoadSwap, you can track that item by adding it to your ‘Tracked Items” folder. After all, everyone using RoadSwap is a traveler and sooner or later your paths will cross

Can others see my location?

When you list an item in RoadSwap, your proximate location is indicated on map. You can hide your location from settings.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sell, Buy, and Swap to your heart’s desire! No fees